As the proud owner of the 2017 BMW 3 Series, there is probably nothing worse than a bright light shining on your dashboard. Since we understand the concern you might have about the meaning of your vehicle's dashboard lights, the team at BMW of Manhattan has put together this 2017 BMW 3 Series Warning Lights Guide. 

Check it out now and be rest assured that if your vehicle needs service or maintenance, the capable service team at your local BMW dealer near Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens will be here for you.

BMW 3 Series Indicator Lights

The 2017 BMW 3 Series has two types of dashboard lights: indicator lights and warning lights. The first type of light is designed to let you know that a particular system is activated. These lights aren't anything for you to worry about and are simply there as a notification. 

A few examples of indicator lamps include the following:

  • Collision Warning System.
  • Active Cruise Control System.
  • Lane Departure Warning. 

If one of these lights is illuminated, this simply means the system is working properly and is currently engaged.

BMW 3 Series Warning Lights

The second type of light you'll see on the dashboard of the 2017 BMW 3 Series are warning lights. This type of light is designed to let you know that there may be a problem with a specific system or part of your vehicle. It's important that you find out what the light means as soon as possible to prevent an unavoidable collision or an avoidable system malfunction. 

A few examples of BMW 3 Series warning lights include the following:

  • Check Engine Light: This light indicates that there's a problem with your vehicle's emissions system. If you're already parked and this light comes on, check to make sure your gas cap is closed correctly. If there's not a problem there, drive for a few minutes and see if the light stays on. If it does, get your vehicle checked at your local BMW service center and have the system code read to determine the source of the problem.
  • Anti-lock Brake System (ABS): This light indicates a problem with your 2017 BMW 3 Series vehicle's antilock braking functionality. Your vehicle's brakes will still work, but the mechanism for keeping the wheels from locking up will not work. It's important for you to drive a bit slower than usual and avoid emergency braking situations. Get your vehicle checked immediately by the team at your local BMW service center. 
  • Tire Pressure Monitor: This light indicates that one or more of your vehicle's tires has become significantly underinflated. Use a tire pressure gauge and check the air pressure of each of your tires. Then refill the tire to the specific PSI on the sidewall of the tire. If you can't find the information, check out your vehicle's owner's manual. 

The Light Is On, Now What?

If a dashboard light comes on in your vehicle, check this guide or your owner's manual to find out what it means. Then, bring the vehicle in to your local BMW service center near Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx to have the problem fixed as soon as possible. Ready to get started? Schedule a service appointment at BMW of Manhattan now.

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