Signs of Low Tire Pressure

The symptoms we listed above are just some of the ways your overall tire health can affect your driving. But let's dive deeper into the symptoms and signs of low tire pressure. 

Below-Average Fuel Economy

The EPA-estimated fuel economy rating for your vehicle was determined with properly inflated tires in mind. But if your tires are underinflated, it will take more engine power (and more fuel) to get you the same mileage. So if you notice that you're having to refuel more often than normal or a little sooner than usual, check your tire pressure. 

Flapping Noise When Driving

If you hear strange noises from your vehicle, you should take it in to be inspected. But if you hear a flapping noise or a whomp-whomp-whomp noise when you're driving, it could be low tire pressure. The noise is caused when the underinflated tire slaps the pavement. This is also a common first sign of a flat tire. So pull over immediately and check the tire pressure. 

Change in Maneuverability

You know the way your vehicle drives when it's in top shape. If you notice it's swaying into the turns a little more, takes too long to turn compared to normal, or just feels weird in terms of steering and maneuverability, it could be low tire pressure. Pull over and check the tire pressure as soon as possible. If that doesn't remedy the problem, it could be the steering so still have it checked out. 

Shorter Stopping Distance

If your vehicle is taking longer than usual to come to a complete stop or you find yourself stopping sooner than you normally would, it could be due to low tire pressure. The tires can't grip the pavement as well when underinflated and it could cause the vehicle to take longer to come to a complete stop.

Schedule a Tire Inspection at BMW of Manhattan

When it comes time to take care of your vehicle, bring it to the professionals at your local BMW service center near Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens. BMW of Manhattan offers a full suite of preventative maintenance services, including a tire inspection, tire rotation, and wheel balancing. 

Book a tire inspection at BMW of Manhattan now to get the total health of your tires ensured by the experts. Schedule online now!

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