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TheatreG.K. Chesterton, an English writer, philosopher, and critic, once said that, “Family is the theater of the spiritual drama, the place where things happen, especially the things that matter.” The importance of theater is something that The 52nd Street Project holds near to their heart.

Their mission is to provide individuals aged 10-18 years old with the opportunity to get involved with local theater. Ready to learn more about this mission and how you can get involved? Keep reading!

Lights, Camera, Action: About The 52nd Street Project

Founded in 1981, The 52nd Street Project works to bring the children of Hell’s Kitchen together through the arts. They provide free mentoring programs thanks to the help of professional theater artists. Now, over 30 years later, this non-profit organization has created more than 80 new plays every year, providing theater opportunities to more than 150 children.

The organization has flourished over the years, giving back to the children of the rea. In 2010, The 52nd Street Project purchased a new facility that included its own theater. Local children can stop by and take part weekdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Offered Programs

Theatre ClassThe 52nd Street Project is dedicated to providing the youth a way to experience accomplished, collaboration, and a place where they belong. In order to offer activities to everyone, they offer several different types of programs. Let’s take a look at these offered programs.


Individuals looking to learn more about playwriting should enroll in the Stage One program. This nine-week session acts as an introduction for playwriting. Your writers are paired with two actors who teach them the ins and outs of writing a play and producing it for a general audience.

Experienced writers can enroll in the Playback program. Here, a writers will be paired with a professional writer. Together, they’ll write a play for the other to perform. This, too, will be performed at the end of the course to a live audience.


Several different acting programs are offered through The 52nd Street Project. One-on-Ones, Two-on-Twos, and Teen Programs are a few of these offerings. Each one allows students to work with professionals to help them lay the groundwork for their live production at the end of the term.

Those looking to take their acting skills one step further can enroll in the Teen Program, a two-year program where all the skills they’ve learned over the years will be amplified and finetuned. At the end, individuals enrolled in this program will perform in a full-length, original play.


This program was created so individuals could reach their full potential. With the help of adult mentors, those enrolled will receive help with schoolwork and planning for higher education. Students can even get involved with FIVEY, a literary magazine that publishes poems, drawings, photographs, and more.

Get Involved

Supporting The 52nd Street Project is as easy as making a donation. You can either help out by volunteering or making a secure tax-deductible donation. Your support helps grow the project even more, providing additional assistance to current and future students.

Learn More Today

Those looking to learn more about The 52nd Street Project are invited to view their Facebook page to learn more about their mission, upcoming events, and how you can give back. Visit The 52nd Street Project online or in person today to learn more!

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