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Coffee Shops

Whether you’re a morning coffee drinker or someone who needs an afternoon pick-me-up, a good cup of coffee helps you get through the day. Getting a good cup of coffee means finding the right coffee shop or coffee beans.

There’s no need to hit the streets, though. Just sit back and read on to learn about three local coffee shops that might become your go-to.

Gotham Coffee Roasters

Coffee MugGotham Coffee Roasters opened in 2013 with a focus on specialty coffee in the modern era. They are committed to transparency and economic sustainability for their coffee producers. Gotham Coffee Roasters is both a coffee shop and a roastery, so you can not only come by for a cup but also order your favorite blend to be sent directly to your home.

Grab your favorite blend or a new one you want to try online. You can even grab a variety pack. The bags are usually 12 ounces in size, but if you want a larger size, some blends come in 2.5-pound bags. Gotham Coffee Roasters also features specialty and limited release bags. Choose from single-origin coffees, year-round coffees, or dark(ish) coffees!

Check out some incredible coffee art on Gotham Coffee Roasters’ Instagram!

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown Coffee Roasters offered their first New York City location in 2009, which is nestled in the lobby of the Ace Hotel. Stumptown Coffee Roasters has a full espresso bar, drip coffee, brew-by-the-cup, and cold brew coffee. The shop holds public tastings at their café so you can learn more about how to drink coffee and identify different notes.

Filling a Cup of Coffee

Stumptown Coffee Roasters also offers their own coffee bags if you want to make their coffee at home. You can order their beans online, and even sign up for a subscription for regular delivery of your favorite coffee. If you’re not sure which beans are right for you, order a free sample of Hair Bender coffee.

Enjoy cute pictures, fun videos, and more at Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ Instagram!

Think Coffee

Enjoying CoffeeThink Coffee is a coffee shop and roastery focusing on fair-traded, sustainable, and delicious coffee. This coffee shop wants to serve coffee but do it with a better social impact. Think Coffee donates a percentage of every sale their employees ring up to a local nonprofit. Think Coffee has also started the Social Project Coffee to make sourcing coffee more equitable.

You can stop by Think Coffee and grab a cup of coffee and a snack, or order their blends online. You can even order a 3-liter Bag-in-Box of cold brew and various baked goods from their bakery. If you have a favorite, order a subscription and get it delivered to your door regularly.

For more information on events, charitable donation requests/updates, and available beans, like Think Coffee’s Facebook page.

Grab Your Daily Caffeine Boost

Are you craving a good cup of coffee yet? Order those beans—or head out and stop by one or more of these local coffee shops! Go alone or bring some friends and make it an adventure. Get a cup, or maybe two, today!

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