2018 BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Looking for your next luxury sedan? We’re guessing you’ve come across the 2018 BMW 3 Series  and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, two popular luxury vehicles that’ll change the way you look at driving through Manhattan traffic.

To give you the full rundown on both the 3 Series and the C-Class, our team at BMW of Manhattan has put all the details in one place with this vehicle comparison. Whether you’re visiting family in the Bronx or grabbing some food in Queens, see which of these luxury rides fit your lifestyle best.

BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes-Benz C-Class: Class-A Technology

Opting for a luxury vehicle means expecting the most advanced technology, and you won’t be disappointed with either the 2018 3 Series or the C-Class. Your drives will not only be more entertaining, but safer for you and your passengers, as well.

Both the 3 Series and the C-Class come standard with a rearview camera, and with other available assistance features, such as brake assist, Blind-Spot Monitoring, and Lane Departure Warning. You’ll feel like you have an extra set of eyes on the road, keeping you and your loved ones more secure.

When it comes to staying connected, these two are tied here, as well. Both come standard with a touchpad or knob-controlled infotainment system, with Apple CarPlay™ as an option. So even if you’re headed to the beach for the weekend, you’ll have access to your favorite apps and tunes along the way.

The Look and Feel of Luxury

Comfort and style are our next comparison category. In both cabins of the 2018 3 Series and C-Class, you’ll find high-quality, soft touch materials that define what it is to drive a luxury sedan.

And these rides don’t just look good; passengers of all sizes will appreciate the 35.1 inches of legroom in the backseat of the 3 Series, while the C-Class follows with 34.4 inches of legroom.

The 3 Series also takes the lead when it comes to cargo space. With 13 ft3 of trunk space, you can pile in extra luggage bags, or a few extra bags from your next shopping spree. The C-Class follows here with 12.6 ft3 of cargo room.

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Engine Options & MPG Ratings in the 3 Series and C-Class

Technology, design and comfort are certainly important aspects to look at when deciding whether the 3 Series or C-Class is the vehicle for you, but what about power and performance? Let’s take a look.

Both the 2018 3 Series and C-Class offer great engine options that allow you to choose just how much power you’re looking for. For example, the 3 Series features a turbocharged 3.0L six-cylinder engine that accelerates from 0-60 in only 4.8 seconds!

And in terms of fuel economy, the 3 Series takes the lead here, as well. With an EPA-estimated 31 city/43 highway MPG, you won’t have to stop often to refuel on longer drives. The C-Class lags in this area, offering an EPA-estimated 25 city/34 highway MPG.

2018 BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes-Benz C-Class: The Results

While both the 2018 BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class are excellent choices when looking for your next luxury vehicle, the BMW’s extra passenger and cargo room, plus powerful engine and MPG ratings, give this one our pick for a test drive.

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