BMW 7 Series Dashboard Light Guide

 If you’re proudly driving a new 2018 BMW 7 series sedan, you know how important it is to stay on top of regular routine maintenance. There’s nothing as frustrating as knowing you’ve done what you should, and an indicator light still brightens up your dash while you’re on the Queens, Manhattan, or Bronx roads.

What do these lights mean? You don’t have time to wrestle with your owner’s manual. Wouldn’t it be great to have a quick reference guide? Discover the meaning behind some of the most common and important BMW 7 series dashboard symbols you might encounter, and where to get repairs.

BMW 7 Series Dashboard Symbols

There’s good news as for drivers regarding your BMW 7 series dashboard symbols. They’re color-coded!

  • Red lights mean stop, just like driving. It’s telling you there’s an urgent problem to address.
  • Yellow lights mean caution-there’s an issue but it’s not putting you in immediate, imminent danger, so long as you have it looked at soon.
  • Green and blue lights are letting you know everything is okay, and that the system is working as intended.

Red Lights

Red lights mean danger, but not always to the car.

  • If you see a picture of someone wearing a seat belt, it means your seat belt needs to be fastened. Driving without one is dangerous.
  • Likewise, if you see a picture of an airbag in front of a person, it means your airbags are malfunctioning.
  • More dangerous lights include pictures of an old-fashioned oil lamp, which means for some reason you’re low on oil.
  • Likewise, a thermometer in liquid means the car is running hot and continuing to drive could be dangerous.

Yellow Lights

Yellow lights let you know there’s an issue that’s not immediately dangerous, but could get more serious if you don’t get it looked at.

  • The most well-known and arcane is the check engine light.This picture of an engine tells you there’s some malfunction that needs further diagnosis. A picture of a tire from the front with an exclamation point inside is letting you know your tire pressure is low in one or more tires. For this, stop and add air.
  • An exclamation point inside a circular arrow means there’s a problem with your stop-start function, if your car has that technology.
  • A picture of a car with S-curves behind it and the word OFF means your traction control is malfunctioning.

None of these will stop you from driving the car, but they’re issues that should be seen to, as soon as possible.

Green and Blue

If you see a green or blue light, it just means some system is engaged.

  • A picture of a speedometer represents your cruise control.
  • A circle with lines coming off it is your headlights being on.
  • A profile of a headlight with lines coming out, in blue, is your high beam indicator.

Call BMW of Manhattan for Service

If your BMW 7 Series experiences these or any other dashboard symbols and you’re anywhere in Manhattan, from Queens to the Bronx, call BMW of Manhattan for service. Just stop in or give us a call and we’ll address the problem today!