If you’ve decided that car ownership just isn’t for you, leasing a BMW vehicle is an excellent alternative. Many new car buyers choose to lease a new BMW because it generally means a lower down payment and a lower monthly payment.


Leasing Generally Requires a Lower Down Payment

When you decide to lease a vehicle, you’re responsible for paying a signing fee. Based on your credit, this fee is normally significantly lower than a typical 20% down payment. That means you’ll be able to put down less up front and keep more money in your pocket for regular maintenance, insurance costs, and other expenses.

BMW Lease Options Often Qualify for Special Financing

Another major benefit to choosing a leased vehicle is that BMW often has special financing offers for leasing a new BMW vehicle. This can happen if the stock of a particular BMW model is in abundance in your area. Savings are then passed on to customers like you in the form of a lower monthly payment, more comfortable leasing terms, or a special bonus for returning customers.

At the End of Your BMW Lease, Simply Return the Vehicle

Leasing a BMW is an excellent option for buyers who like to enjoy that new car smell and feel every few years. At the end of your lease terms, you simply return the BMW to a dealership and pay for any damages that occurred during your lease term. Then you’ve fulfilled your agreement. You can choose a different vehicle and start the process all over again!


At BMW of Manhattan, we understand that not all buyers want the responsibility of car ownership. That’s why we work with our customers near Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens to provide you with ample information about your BMW financing options.

Start by browsing our extensive BMW inventory to find the perfect BMW lease. Then contact the team at BMW of Manhattan to learn how you can take advantage of BMW lease deals in New York.