BMW X3 Dashboard Light Guide


If one of the lights on your BMW X3 dashboard is illuminated in Manhattan, Bronx, or Queens, it’s time to take action to service your vehicle. While many of the dashboard lights may be a bit self-explanatory, some of the lights are a bit more of a mystery.

To help you demystify the lights on your dashboard, the team at BMW of Manhattan has put together this BMW X3 dashboard light guide.

Brake System Light

This light indicates that your vehicle’s brakes need to be serviced immediately. While the vehicle is still drivable, you’ll want to take care to drive moderately in the event that the brakes do malfunction.

Front End Collision Warning

This light, if illuminated, indicates that there may be an imminent collision. This light may illuminate if the following distance of the vehicle ahead is too small. However, if the light is flashing, this indicates that there’s imminent danger of a collision with the vehicle in front of the BMW X3. To avoid a collision, be sure to apply the full braking power or make an evasive maneuver.

Flat Tire Monitor

This light indicates that one or more of the tires has lost significant pressure. Slow down and come to a stop as soon as possible to avoid tire failure. Be sure to also avoid braking suddenly or changing the direction suddenly.

Engine Functions

This light indicates that the vehicle must be serviced at your local BMW service center as soon as possible. While it could be an indication of a problem with the emissions system, it could also be a more serious problem. Either way, have the vehicle serviced soon to avoid engine damage.

Steering System

This light indicates that there’s a problem with the vehicle’s steering system. Specifically, the light could mean there’s a loss of steering fluid or it could be something more severe. Have the steering checked by your local BMW service center as soon as possible to avoid a possible collision.

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