How Much to Lease a BMW?

If you’re considering leasing your next vehicle, then you may have heard how economical of an option it is. You’ll have a lower down payment, little to no sales tax, and cheaper rates. But what about specifics?

When you live in Bronx, Manhattan, or Queens, leasing may just be the smartest option available. To show you, our team at BMW of Manhattan will outline what factors will affect the lease of your next BMW.

How Are BMW Leases Determined?

If you’re not familiar with the leasing process, you should first understand exactly how payments are determined.

When you buy a vehicle, you’re paying the full retail price, or MSRP (plus sales tax). Payments are determined by dividing that number by the number of months you’ll be paying.

With a lease, things are a little different. First, you’ll determine the length of time you’ll have the car, which is usually 36 months. What you’re paying then is the amount of depreciation that will occur in that time. Naturally, that’ll make payments much cheaper.

What Factors Will Impact This Number?

More often than not, lease contracts will vary from customer to customer. Here are the main factors that can alter pricing:

  • Model price: When you choose your vehicle, you’ll need to consider what trim level you’re choosing, what additional features you may be adding, etc. These can raise the price considerably.
  • How long you’ll lease: Three years may be the standard term, but you can go shorter or longer.
  • Are you trading in: Before leasing something new, are you going to trade in the car you currently have? Value your vehicle online to see how much you can put toward your new car.
  • Leasing specials: Most dealerships will offer frequent leasing deals online. Check before visiting to see if you qualify.

Speak to the Professionals

If you’re looking to get the best price possible on your lease, then we recommend sitting down with the dealership’s finance team beforehand. At BMW of Manhattan, we have a highly knowledgeable finance team who are always willing to offer advice.

Their help isn’t limited to customers with good credit. If you have bad credit, or no credit it all, we’re sure they can find a solution for you. But you’ll need to schedule an appointment to find out.

BMW Leases in Manhattan

If you think you’re ready to lease your next car, BMW of Manhattan wants to help. Get started by browsing our online inventory to find your perfect model. There, you can also view price quotes and leasing estimates.

Your next step will be to pay our finance team a visit. They’re ready to help all Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens drivers lease their next BMW. Apply online for new lease and financing options today!