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Kettlebell Workout

New York is the city that never sleeps. With all that time being awake, there are plenty of opportunities to take online fitness classes near Manhattan, NY. Experience the thrill and satisfaction of a great fitness class from the comfort of your room!

Our friends at CompleteBody, Liberated Fitness, and M Dance & Fitness are offering some of the finest online fitness classes around. These classes offer a wide range of activities, from Zumba and Hip-Hop Dancing to Pilates and Circuit Training! We’ll go over what each studio has to offer online.

HIIT Workout


At CompleteBody, nutrition is one of the most important factors in a successful fitness program.

On top of their online classes, they offer a CompleteBody 360 Nutrition Program that will give you a solid foundation for overall health. Paired with their online Yogalates, HIIT classes, and more, you’ll have complete health with CompleteBody!

Liberated Fitness

The philosophy at Liberated Fitness is all about mastery over the masses. They specialize in fast, focused, and effective classes progressing from basic functional movement to high-level fitness within an inclusive and supportive community. This is fitness that will improve your everyday life.

For most people only lifting weights all day: Though effective for building muscle mass, it does not develop functional muscles for everyday activities. How many times in real life will you have to lay on your back and push a heavy weight off your chest repeatedly? Not many. That’s why Liberated Fitness offers online classes that focus on what matters.

M Dance & Fitness

Dance FitnessWorking out should be fun. That’s what the team at M Dance & Fitness believe. Their non-judgmental atmosphere doesn’t focus on skinniness and weight loss; it focuses on overall health and accessibility, especially when it comes to beginners.

Gyms can sometimes not be the most welcoming places, filled with hulks throwing heavy weights around. The online classes that M Dance & Fitness offers are a solution to this. You can be a part of an inclusive and welcoming community from the privacy of your own room, all while getting fit on your terms.

Get Fit Online Today!

Why wait another day? Get fit today with online fitness classes near Manhattan, New York!

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