BMW 5 Series Interior

BMW 5 Series Back-end Manhattan NY



It’s pretty obvious that the BMW 5 Series is a great car on the outside – stylish, sleek, and luxurious, not to mention it looks great driving around Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx. Still, what about the inside of this classy ride?

Our team at BMW of Manhattan came up with this review of the BMW 5 Series so you’ll love the 5 Series as much as we do-inside and out! We’ll give you the scoop on your interior space, passenger and cargo room, plus the technology features that make the 5 Series stand out among the rest. Contact us today to see the 5 Series!

Technology in the 5 Series

The technology in the BMW 5 Series is everything you’d want in a luxury car and more. With a 10.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system powered by BMW’s iDrive, you’ll find both ease and convenience while cruising the City.

The iDrive system allows you to control your entertainment functions via handwriting recognition, or steering wheel control and knobs. You can even control certain features with Gesture Control-as in, you can turn up your music volume just by gesturing with your finger in front of the touchpad. Talk about advanced!

When it comes to playing your favorite tunes, you can do so via Apple CarPlay™, where you can sync your smartphone to your vehicle and get all of your jams in one place!

5 Series Passenger Space

When you’re looking for your next sedan, you’ll want to make sure there is enough space so all passengers can sit comfortably, especially in that NYC traffic we all know and love.

Fortunately, you’ll find 41.4 inches of legroom in the front seat. If you go with the available 20-way multi-contour seats-plus an optional massage seat-then you might want to be in your car more than on your couch!

The backseat riders will find comfort as well. Pile in even the tallest passengers with 36.5 inches of leg space. You’ll be happy to show off your 5 Series sedan as the designated carpool driver for the next group night out.

Cargo Big or Go Home

There are times when you might want to escape the city-we know, you would never do that. When those times inevitably come, you’ll need some cargo space to pack up your and your friends’ or loved ones’ luggage.

Say hello to the cargo space of the 5 Series. With 18.7 cubic feet of trunk space, you’ll never worry again about having room for everyone’s bags on your next road trip or even just to go to the grocery store!

If you think that’s impressive, when you opt for the hatchback model in the 5 Series, you’ll get a massive 63.6 cubic feet of room-talk about a stand-out luxury car.

Check Out the Inside of the BMW 5 Series

If you’re in the Manhattan, Queens, or the Bronx area, then come check out for yourself what the inside of the BMW 5 Series is all about at BMW of Manhattan. Of course, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the 5 Series or any vehicles in our showroom!