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BMW iX vs BMW X5 New York NY

BMW iX vs BMW X5 New York NY

Calling all opulent car fans! Want to add power and new-age tech to your repertoire? If you’ve been looking for a new ride near Manhattan, the Bronx, or Queens, NY, then you’re in luck. Our team at BMW of Manhattan is here to assist drivers like you with finding the luxury vehicle of your dreams—that’s why we put together this BMW iX vs. BMW X5 comparison.

The new, rising iX EV (electric vehicle) has plenty to offer, and will impress just as much as the X5. For more information about each of these individual wheels, read on.


BMW iX vs X5: Overview

Power, tech, and good looks are always significant draws when you’re shopping for your ideal set of wheels. So, when it comes to all of the above, what do you find in either of these BMW models? The answers will impress you.

Kicking off with the all-new BMW iX, you’ll open with a drive system that utilizes dual all-electric motors. Paired with automatic transmission—a single-speed system with a fixed ratio—this will allow drivers to reach a top track speed of 124 miles per hour and accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in as few as 4.4 seconds.

Comparatively, the X5 knows how to excite, too. With a standard 3.0L TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder, you’ll be hitting the road with 335 horsepower and 331 lb-ft of torque. This comes with 8-speed Sport Automatic transmission with Sport and Manual shift modes, alongside steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters and Launch Control. With a top track speed of 130 MPH, you’ll find the X5 accelerates from 0 to 60 in a mere 5.3 seconds.

BMW X5 Interior Space

Interior Dimensions for Your Comfort

There’s more to the BMW iX and the BMW X5 than what’s under the hood. What brings you ease behind the wheel? Think about how it feels when you stretch out on those longer car rides—interior dimensions, as well as the exterior, can play a big role in how comfortable you feel on the go. Let’s dive right in.

In the BMW iX, you’ll have plenty of measurements to get excited for. This vehicle showcases 41.5 inches of headroom, 40.2/38.9 inches of front/rear legroom, and 61.5/58.3 inches of front/rear shoulder room.

Next to that, the BMW X5 has 40.8 inches of headroom, 39.8/37.4 inches of front/rear legroom, and 60/58.1 inches of front/rear shoulder room.


Take a Look: Exterior Measurements

All right, we’ve gone over interior dimensions—but what about the outside? Don’t those numbers have something to do with it? The quick answer is a resounding yes. When you take a look at either of these BMW models, you’ll see that their exteriors play a part in how comfortable you are as you cruise.

In the BMW iX, you’ll have an overall length of 195 inches, a width of 77.4 inches, and a height of 66.8 inches. Its curb weight comes to 5,659 pounds, and its front/rear weight distribution with automatic transmission reaches 48.2/51.8 percent.

In contrast, the BMW X5 showcases an overall length of 194.3 inches, a width of 78.9 inches, and a height of 68.7 inches. Its curb weight comes to approximately 4,828 pounds, and its front/rear automatic transmission comes to 48.8/51.2 percent. Top it all off with a payload of 1,014 pounds, and you’ve got a vehicle that can take you where you need to go.

Test Drive the BMW iX or X5 Today

Now that you know what to expect from the BMW iX vs. BMW X5, you can see that both of these are powerful sets of wheels, with dimensions to match. Are you ready to get your hands on one of your choice today? If so, you know who to call. Our team at BMW of Manhattan is your go-to luxury dealer near Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens, New York.

Let us help you take home your next favorite ride. Contact us today to schedule a test drive in the iX or X5 today!

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