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Sell or Trade Your Car near Yonkers NY

The decision to sell or trade your car near Yonkers, NY, is always an option here at BMW of Manhattan. Either option is going to help you receive full value for your model. So, what differentiates the two? That’s what we’re getting into with this selling vs. trading overview.

In the most basic sense, selling is the right choice if you plan to part with your car without acquiring a new ride, while trading is the ideal move if you plan to acquire a new model!

Sell or Trade Your Car near Yonkers NYSell Your Car to Us

Our dealership has an extensive used inventory. One of the ways we’re able to keep this used inventory flush with attractive options is through buying the cars of local drivers. If you no longer have need for your vehicle, consider selling it to us.

Selling is a clean separation where you’ll receive strong value for your vehicle. How is this value determined? A few factors go into the process. It begins with the make, model, and model year. No matter what type of model you have, however, our team will be happy to take a look at it.

From there, the mileage on the car comes into play. Even if your car has high mileage—such as 100,000 miles—you can still sell it to us. The last factor is overall condition. A high-mileage car that has been well taken care of over the years is something we’ll still be happy to buy from you!

Sell or Trade Your Car near Yonkers NYTrade In Your Car at Our Dealer

If selling is a clean separation where you receive value for your model, trading in your car is a process where you can tie the value to whichever model you want to drive next. Basically, you’re using the value of your current vehicle to receive a stronger deal on your next car.

If you want to get an idea of how the trade-in process works, we have an online trade-in calculator you can tinker with right now. The calculator will ask for such information about your current car as its make, model, mileage, and condition. Once you’ve filled all this out, the calculator will provide a trade-in value estimate. Then, you can look through our inventory and see which models you might want to own next. That estimated value can be put directly toward any of these new cars!

Trade-in value is determined largely by the same factors used to determine sales value. If you’re curious how the process works—or if you want to bring your car around so that our staff can look it over before making a trade-in offer—just reach out to us!

Sell or Trade Your Car to Us! We’re near Yonkers NY

Acquiring reliable used cars from the many drivers in and around Yonkers, New York, is something our BMW of Manhattan dealership has been doing for a long time. We offer strong value, and if your reach out to our team now, we can answer any of your questions.

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